"Making" myself crazy.

As I've complained about mentioned before, I am in the midst of a massive baby boom. It seems like every person I know is having a baby (in some cases: again.) And I just like baby stuff way too much to pass on the opportunity to make something special for a tiny little baby.

While I might ask myself what the hell I'm thinking  if I might better spend my time preparing for the baby that I've been growing for the past 32 weeks, who has no room to speak of, only random things, I find myself compelled to sneak in some sewing for the munchkins of some very dear friends. I think if everyone arrives as planned, I could be welcoming one baby every two weeks for at least 2 months, and even a few late summer into fall stragglers.

I'm excited about the prospect of what to make. I just hope I can produce most of the gifts now, before my growing belly-and eventual new baby-make sewing more difficult!

As my first attempt I created a stunning {if I must say so myself} blankie with a wrap around binding. I think it is just sweet as can be. Here's a sneak peak for you:

I promise to share the full view once this little one arrives....now wish me luck!
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