Stroller Organizer

I have been wanting to have some kind of stroller organizer to hang off the back of my Uppa Baby umbrella stroller, but cheapo me just couldn't bring myself to spend a lot of money to buy one (and when I say a LOT, they can be as inexpensive as $10.) So after doing some research online and searching all of my favorite blogs (unsuccessfully) for a tutorial, I determined I'd need to make my own!

I began by measuring the back of the stroller and trying to figure out exactly what size I'd need to work with. I searched through my fabric stash (which I hope to thin out a little this year!) and pulled out some leftover fabric from an iPad case (that I still need to finish sewing!) and my other favorite fabric: drop cloth!

After a good 3 hours of measuring, sewing, tearing out, I think I have a fairly reasonable design. The major hang up was that I was insisting on having TWO cup holders, made from fabric, big enough to hold a sippy cup. Hopefully the cups won't slide right through because the openings I made are too big....I'm going to give this a try this week and I'll let you know!
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  1. Oh, Dani!!! This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Sooooo much better than the boring basic ones you get in the store!!! You are on to something here!!!!!!! :P


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