And all of the sudden 2010 has come and gone and it's 1.1.11!! Yikes!

I'm struggling with the approach of my 30th birthday....it's over a month away, but it's looming and I suppose New Years is the last real "event" before the big day. I'm not sure yet what 30 feels like, but I just don't think I feel "it" YET!

In the meantime, I do feel like I'm back from the dead. My husband had this really fantastic {can you feel the sarcasm?} idea to go to my parents house for Christmas. We already had a tree up and were fully prepared to stay at home, and with a little foot dragging, I agreed. I'm glad we did make the trip, but 8 hours (each way) in the car with two dogs (with gas problems, I might add) and a 2 year old is exhausting. And I just sat there! The car is unpacked. BUT, the big job of resettling will happen tomorrow.

Going to my home town is always a treat. It's debatable if it's more of a treat for my husband or me! My mother claims having us all with her was her favorite Christmas "gift." I'll consider the two year old houseguest we brought with us the gift that keeps on giving (sorry about all the finger prints mom!) My husband definitely enjoys it (probably more than I do) but I guess having lived in one place for a long time you get desensitized to how special a place IS. My husband was an Army Brat, and essentially spent 27 years of his life with a Dad in the Army or being in the Army himself. After moving many {14} times, I think my hometown symbolizes stability and has this bizarre appeal to him. I can't even begin to count the number of times he's sworn that we HAVE to move there! I think to myself, you're NUTS, but it is a great place. It was a great chance to link up with longtime friends, and especially family.
Here is my family (only one dog managed to squeeze in a snout!) My sister in law is wearing the necklace I made for her! 
This is Putnam Lake, NY after some fresh snow you can see two groups of ice fishermen & some skaters enjoying the ice! My parents moved into our house here when I was a newborn, and we moved about 15 minutes away when I was 6. My parents have kept in close contact with many friends from Putnam Lake, so I have an entire "family" in that community.

My little snow man...enjoying some time in the snow.
Meanwhile, Mommy stayed inside (notice the glare through the door?) but my son takes after his Dad and LOVES the cold!
All in all, I was reminded where I get my crafty genes from...my mother has an innate ability to make something from nothing, to have a vision and create, and to see something and make a copy of her own. She is a chronic re-arranger, I don't think since I've moved out of the house I've gone to the house once without almost every room fully rearranged!  She swears she's slowing down, and that she doesn't have much energy, BUT I've also see how much see actually does, and I'm impressed. So, I come back to you thinking of new ideas and things I want to create and need to create and HAVE to finish creating! So, hopefully in these next few days I'll resettle and regroup and then start sharing a few things I've made, and maybe a few things that I need to finish!

This is my mother (who, if she ever reads this blog post, will hate that I posted this picture) on Christmas morning, opening the snowman feet picture that my son "made" for her! 

So after all this babble: that's my goal for 2011-I'm going to finish what I've started! And hopefully start a lot of cool stuff too! And I'm going to floss. Random, I know, but I'll get on the wagon, floss religiously for months and months and then fall off the wagon again! I'm BACK on!

Happy New Year to you!!
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