Spring Cleaning in January

So since I started feeling better, I've been a busy bee. I woke up this morning thinking about blueberry muffins-yum, right?! So, I was bummed when I pulled everything out only to realize I forgot vegetable oil yesterday at the store (boo!) I decided to use applesauce instead (the recommended alternative.)

The blueberry muffins turned out to be delicious, but very dense.

And for some reason when I pulled them out, they left a lot of moisture inside the muffin pan. Hmmm?

My husband asked me to clean before the weekend so he wouldn't have to help on Saturday {awesome, right?!} So that's what's on my plate today...

BUT, yesterday I ended up running some errands. I ended up going to Target which was amazing and dangerous. I was able to score some MAJOR deals. They had a ton of items marked 75% off, and a case lot sale-I'm not sure if that's what they are really called, but back when I had access to the Commissary they would hold bulk sales and call them Case Lot Sales...Anyway, it was a great shopping day for me...and then I came home.

I had a million bags (yay and boo!) new things were everywhere, I already was piling the items I was going to return and just had a major mess on my hands. Not to mention, my husband had made the cleaning comment, so I had a bit of a challenge on my hands. (And the trash truck just drove by and we had a bunch of snow last night so our trash didn't make it outside, boo!)

I think it is very important to recycle, we had a great/easy recycling program in the last place we lived, but here we have to take our recyclables to the Walmart parking lot and drop them off into the bins ourselves. It's not hard, but it's just an extra step and often an extra trip. I was able to get a washable recyclable organizer/sorter thing at IKEA that is great, BUT when it was sitting in my kitchen it just made for a stinky mess-with tons of fruit flies, so we brought it to the garage (it's current home) and now I just stack the recyclables by the kitchen sink until my husband brings them down to the sorter. It really started annoying me, and always looked so messy. Until yesterday.

I apologize because these pictures aren't fantastic, but you'll get the idea.

This is the before state (UGH! What a MESS!):

 I actually in theory use these linking rings (children's teether toy) to snap together to cabinets, because there are a few chemicals in there, BUT, that being said it's never linked shut and my son never messes with it.
 Here is the inside of my cabinet, a mess, that's been bothering me for some time:
 I started by emptying out. I was trying to save this plastic dish tray liner, because I don't know what to do with it and I can't recycle it, and I hate the idea of it sitting in a landfill for eternity. It's now sitting on the floor by my trash can.
 Here's all the goods from the cabinet:
 I used my new amazing toy: my Silhouette SD (thank you Honey!) I've been scared to use it I'm not sure why, it's expensive, I don't want to break it, but I had to experiment. This was my first time using the vinyl:
 I bought two bins at the Dollar Tree, one for cleaning, and one to store the recyclables before they go to the sorter in the garage. Behind the bins I store trash bags, paper towels (we barely use a roll a month--a resolution from 2 years ago to waste less-we now use washable dishrags most of the time!) I also bought some Lysol wipes (I have a kid-as far as I'm concerned a must have!)
 I apparently lived through the Great Depression or the Holocaust in a previous life, because I stockpile things AND I have to use EVERYTHING up and waste NOTHING! So I have three things of dishwasher detergent right now. I've asked my husband to help to use at least ONE so we use them up. I also treated myself to Mrs. Meyers Cleaning products--I'm saving them for when I use up what I have!
 I now also have a proper place to store the recyclables!
 It makes a big difference. I also cleaned off all the counters and that made a big difference. Let's see how this new organization technique works. Oh, and I did move some of the cleaning supplies into a bin that my son can't get to in my laundry room-so they are still easy to access, but not for little hands.
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