Lately I've been waxing and waning with my productivity. Yesterday I woke up and was enjoying laying and bed waiting to hear my son wake up. I was reading emails, checking facebook, catching up on the news on my iPhone--feeling great--until all the sudden I noticed I was a little dizzy. Then I was a lot dizzy. Then I started to worry because the dizziness wasn't going away and I was just laying there. I decided at 9am to venture downstairs because my poor dogs needed to go out. I took a quick sip of water, let one dog out, and then found myself sprinting to the bathroom. Something was NOT right! I'll spare you the details but after spending part of the morning trying to figure out what was the matter and if it would pass on it's own, my wonderful husband came home and saved the day. Having barely eaten all day, I was a rare form of starving, I had a slight headache, but thankfully the dizziness went away. Today is a new day and I'm feeling a million times better!

So, we returned from our Disney Vacation last weekend, we unpacked, we made a HUGE mess of the house that was clean before we left, and then the week began. Holy cow, is it already Thursday {looks like someone is in a time warp} I began the week feeling super crafty. I was READY for Valentine's Day. So I've been "frantically" scouring my favorite blogs for ideas for Valentine's Day decor....Monday I ran to the store ahead of a snow storm to load up on projects for the week, and I broke out my glue gun, my Silhouette machine, and my creativity. It was great! BUT, I started a bunch of projects and haven't finished them, so that is my goal for today--which has to begin with a trip to the store.

A random story: Last night in my sickness, I was laying on the sofa, feeling pretty Ehhh, and my husband lays on me that I hurt his feelings because I didn't get him a card last Valentine's Day OR for his Birthday (in April.) Why he waited nearly a YEAR to call me out is beyond me. I'm guessing I was just being practical, and it is no secret that my husband can be sensitive, but I wish he had mentioned this back then!  But, yes, here I will publicly admit that I STINK. Or maybe I should say, I STUNK. This year I feel like it's a challenge to prove my love to him for Valentine's Day.

SO, off to make the most of this day...I have lots of share with you in the coming days. Must get my butt in gear! Happy Thursday!
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