Valentine's Day {husbands-sheesh}

When I was sick last week, aside from asking me to clean the house, my husband also laid on me a MAJOR guilt trip that I hadn't gotten him a Valentine's Day OR Birthday card last year, and asked me if I was going to get him one this year. I honestly would not have put it past myself to have forgotten, but I suppose it's unlike me to be that thoughtless. I decided I would really have to make it up to him (since he said it really hurt his feelings) but then, alas, he is a liar completely forgot about the Valentine's Day card that I MADE him last year. I found it when I was taking out my decor. Sheesh, I get no credit!

After sending him an email reminding him that he's a jerk {kind of kidding there} I thought I'd share with the world this adorable card from last year:

Since he doesn't follow my blog, I'll tell you that I've already made him a special card...although now I'm questioning if I should give it to him.
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