*If you are my mother, father, mother in law, or father in law, stop reading unless you want a surprise ruined!

After my son freaked out over having his feet painted, I gave up the idea of the Christmas Trees (using his hands) I figured it was a safe bet that it was a lost cause. I did force him to paint his feet, which he cried and ultimately hated, but put up with, and an hour later I DID in fact find him playing with all my bottles of acrylic paint (and yes, I was scared about the potential mess.) But, I think the project turned out pretty nicely.

I ended up painting on little snowman features. They're cute enough if you ask me.

Once everything was dry, I took my original (8 by 10" fabric) and scanned it into my computer. Using Picasa, I added my son's name & Christmas 2010 and then printed out 2 5"x7" copies onto cardstock. I trimmed them down and framed them and I think they turned out pretty darn cute. What do you think!?

I'm thinking that maybe this will be a yearly tradition as a way of tracking how big the snowmen get through the years?! Maybe next year we might even have a few trees?!
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