Nothing a little laminating can't fix

So, I was bragging earlier about my new laminator that I bought for $16.99 earlier this week. I purchased it on super sale from, and even registered for the Amazon Mom's program that basically provides a free Amazon Prime membership (FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING!) Anyway, I was just so excited to break out my laminator but I didn't have anything I needed to be sealed in a layer of plastic today, while my son was napping, I decided to create some laminated "flash cards" for my son.

See, for some background, my son is 2+ and isn't talking yet. I honestly was not very concerned and had the "oh he'll talk when he's ready" feeling, but at his 2 year check up I mentioned the non-speaking thing and after a hearing test we were referred to the WV Birth to Three Program. As soon as I heard FREE SERVICES I was sold. We're in the screening process now, and the speech pathologist has indicated there is in fact a delay (no surprise!) so the ball is rolling. Luckily, she gave me a few suggestions, and the first one I am attempting is to create a few flash cards so hopefully my son will indicate what he wants when he wants something (instead of just standing there whining!) I hope this will help, but if nothing else, it was a great excuse to break out my laminator, don't you think!?

And in case your wondering, to make these I simply used google images to find the picture I wanted, then I typed the word using the font century gothic, and then I used google images to find the sign language for the word on the card...I printed them all out on cardstock, trimmed them down, and then laminated each one :)
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