Finally, some real snow!

I'm not a huge lover of cold weather, snow, wind, low temps, I suppose winter in general. I grew up in New York, and enjoyed my fair share of snow days, but my dislike of the aforementioned weather seems to deepen each year.

The first year I was married, my husband deployed to Iraq and Colorado Springs suffered the "worst" winter in 20 years. I remember having a period of 6+ weeks that Fort Carson had to shut down at LEAST once per week because of snow (and snow does NOT slow down anyone in Colorado!) That winter my parents purchased me a Toro Electric Shovel, if you have never heard of an electric shovel, look it up, they're amazing. The problem was the wind was often very strong in Colorado, and the house I lived on basically would just shoot the snow directly into the house across the street. If nothing else, the electric shovel made me almost pee my pants from laughter...

Fast forward to Northern VA, and the "snowpocolypse" of 2010, which happened to fall on my birthday weekend. I have to say we had a fantastic time as the snow fell, and fell, and fell some more. My sister in law came over, my best friend was in town to celebrate my birthday, she brought her son who "got it" about playing in the was just a great time....aside from the snow being thigh deep....

Which brings me to my first winter in West Virginia: I think that it has flurried or snowed every single day since Thanksgiving. And I wouldn't mind, it actually IS very pretty, but I feel like every day I'm getting faked out...that is until yesterday. I woke up and I recall at 9am having Regis & Kelly on the tv and thinking oh, it might just turn out to be a nice day...that is until the sky opened up and the snow started falling. From the time I got into the shower to the time I got out, everything was covered (and believe me, it wasn't THAT long of a shower!) It continued to snow throughout the day, and by the time my husband returned from a work trip (he'd been gone 4 days) we had a significant accumulation.

This morning my son and my husband ventured out into the freezing cold and shoveled our driveway. They must just run at a warmer temperature than me, because my son happily remained outside with his dad...I was even able to sneak a few pictures. How cute are they?!

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