Christmas crafts

I've been quite the little elf these first few days of December. Of course I always have these great big ideas and then either end up kicking myself because I've made it overly complicated for myself OR putting them on the back burner in hopes I'll do it for next year...

This year I decided to change things and actually complete the projects I've been wanting to work on. How novel!

We purchased our Christmas tree last weekend and have it decorated. We put it in a semi-unconventional location (our upstairs landing leading to the bedrooms) I just didn't want it to be too tempting for our two year old to mess with (so far, so good!) It just seemed very lonely. We have a metal railing and I thought some kind of garland/bunting would be necessary...

I had a "Cyber Monday" in store coupon at Michaels so I picked up a few things for the garland. I wanted it simple, with a little color but not too much pazzazz (I didn't want my tree to be over-shined!)

I need to take a few pictures of it up close. I made this out of a roll of burlap that is maybe 6" wide, I have some lights behind the burlap and at each of the main railings I added either a cinnamon/bell tieback OR three mini-ornaments. It came out nicely and although this picture doesn't do it justice, it does jazz up the tree area...
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