Almost a winter wonderland....

Thanksgiving has come & gone. It was a busy preparation, followed by a delicious meal, some tasty leftovers, and then back to normal...we were lucky enough to celebrate the holiday with my in-laws who travelled in from DC to spend a few days with us. We enjoyed spending time with family and sharing a delicious meal with loved ones....

BUT, Thanksgiving is over and that means all the fall decor has been binned up until next year. I'm having a very hard time wrapping my head around the prospect of Christmas being here. It's been cold, it's even snowed a little already, but I'm just not ready for Christmas.

I'm trying. I'm really trying. We even have our tree nearly brought us to divorce court, but the tree IS up, and after standing (naked and) crooked in the stand for a day, we've finally put up all the decorations (after the 2 year old was safe in bed-I was worried if he saw us messing with the tree & the ornaments he might develop some ideas...none of which would be good for our tree.) I still have Christmas bins sitting in my living room, I've moved the pile of ribbons and bows into my sewing room, but it still doesn't quite feel like Christmas.

I decided this morning that Michaels was having a big "Cyber Monday" in-store sale, I ended up spending way too much money on the things to create some holiday decor...hopefully I'll get my craft-on this afternoon and be able to show you pictures very soon...

Yesterday, my husband and I also decided to create a creche for my nativity. I'm cheap, I couldn't bring myself to spend a ton of money on a creche that ultimately would sit in a bin for 11 months of the year. SO, off to Lowes we went, after some searching (and spousal fighting to complete the holiday cheer) we found what we needed and my husband worked hard to ALMOST complete the entire thing yesterday afternoon. Again, pictures will come soon.
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