Christmas Idea {part 2}

I have noticed these beautiful ornament wreaths all over the place. They are on blogs, in stores, but none were in my house. I decided this year, I had to change that. And I am proud to say that WITH an awake 2 year old, I had this done relatively quickly.

I've seen numerous other blogs (and I want to say the Today Show this morning) that used a wire hanger and just looped the ornaments onto the hanger. I used a foam wreath form and a hot glue gun. In retrospect, I should have wrapped the wreath form with fabric or something to improve the stickiness, but it's been hanging for a few days and knock on wood, everything is holding firm. I also used very small ornaments (from the Dollar Tree) and a few leftover mini ornaments that I had used in another project. Overall I think this used a lot more ornaments (I want to say I started with 12, hahah!) I think I used at least 30 or more.

Cute, right?!
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