What's next....

It seems likely lately, everything in life is forcing us to ask ourselves, what's next. And honestly, today, I just want to enjoy right NOW. I don't want to be planning. I don't want to be worried about everything that might happen or might NOT happen. I guess it's just part of being an adult. Like yesterday, my big accomplishment: refinancing our mortgage. I'm so lame.

So, since everything seems to be pointing to the "what's next" I figured I might as well start thinking about Christmas...you know, since Halloween is over (which reminds of a funny story: the other day I was at Walmart, it was the day after Halloween and they were setting up a Christmas tree-blah-and right above the tree was a sign that said "Happy Halloween" and it made me chuckle and think, what's wrong with this picture?!) I've been wanting new Christmas stockings. I did just see that Pottery Barn has stockings on sale with FREE shipping AND Free personalization, BUT, ultimately, over time I just want stockings that all MATCH. I think that's my big hang up, I want stockings that are all the same. And I have two stockings from when my husband & I got married, but not one for my son (or the dogs-gasp!)

At some point I came across these beauties at Ballard Designs. And of course, I love that they are burlap AND that I can make ones that look JUST like that (& won't cost me $34!)

So here's my first attempt:
It's not too bad, although it's looking a little...rough? I'm considering adding piping? Maybe that will help it look more finished. Also I was thinking about somehow carefully stitching along the name "tape" so it doesn't buckle. I'm just  not sure. It just looks a little sad.
 I used upholstery "tape" from JoAnns Fabric. It was super cheap. I then printed our names onto freezer paper and then very carefully cut out our names. The problem is that it was really hard to make our names visible. I first tried using a paint brush and puffy paint (yes, circa 1990) and it was a little blotchy, so I reverted to my new favorite: black spray paint.

 Here's what it looked like after I spray painted. I added extra freezer paper around the original names to avoid overspray. Maybe I HAVE learned!!!
 I cut out 2 burlap stockings & 2 linings (canvas drop cloth of course!)

So, it's not BAD, it's just not GREAT.
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