Looking back...quilts

I had a chance today to sit back and look at some old pictures. I came across a handful of quilts I've made recently (and not SO recently...) it was a great walk down memory lane. I figured I'd share some with you:

I made this "transportation" quilt for my son, we keep it in the car...
This is my son's bedroom quilt....unfinished, but so close...you get the idea

Last year I travelled to Cape Cod to visit with college friends, I made all of the children personalized fleece blankets (which I never took pictures of) but Bridget sent me this one...she's a college friend, I made it in our school colors, and hers is nice & LONG (unlike the ones for the kids)
I made this precious quilt for our friend's daughter, Caroline. I love the bright colors...the images on the front are intended to mimic the backing fabric...
I made this quilt for my college roommate's son, she had a Winnie the Pooh themed room, and I was able to find "vintage Pooh" fabric. So sweet! 

This is an unfinished picture of the quilt I made for my nephew. I just loved the bright colors and the alphabet blocks....I figured he could grow into it.

I'm starting to realize I need to be a little better about taking pictures of the quilts I give away. I know I've made more quilts....it's just a matter of finding the pictures....
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