What I've been working on...

...growing a baby.

It's the biggest project I've been working on in the past 12 weeks and I figure it's probably a safe time to share. I've been extremely lucky to be morning sickness free, BUT I have been a little bit of a starving, sleepy, hormonal monster. As long as I eat about every two hours everything is right with the world.

It's been different this time around, probably because I still have a dull sense of tiredness leftover from motherhood in general. I'm happy to be back in maternity jeans, not that my belly really needs the extra space, but because it's nice to be able to pull down my pants without buttons/zippers getting in the way. Life is just easier that way. It's the little things in life, right?!

So when I say I have baby on the brain, I really do.

In an effort to make my insomnia (yes, I'm so tired, but I wake up for hours at a time just about every 4-5 hours, ugh!) a little more bearable, I decided to sew myself a maternity pillow. I'd been eyeing the Boppy pregnancy pillow, but it just seemed crazy to spend almost $50 for a PILLOW!

I made one myself, and it barely cost $7 to construct! Here's how:

Pregnancy Pillow Tutorial

2 pillows (I used $2.50 from Walmart) OR fiberfill
1 to 1.5 yards fabric
zipper (12")

1. In an effort to determine how large to make my pillow, I rolled out a large piece of scrap art paper. I then laid on my side (since during the later part of pregnancy you're not supposed to lay on your back) and then I marked off my shoulder and the bottom of my hip/butt. (Very exact science here...) I then used the marks to create a very large "C" shape, bulging at both ends...

2. Once I felt my pillow was adequate size & shape, I laid out my pattern on top of the fabric (on the fold of course) pinned the layers together, and cut out. Sew the outside, leaving a opening (I inserted a zipper, but that's not necessary, if you want you could just sew it shut when you're done.)

3. Optional Insert zipper in opening.

4. Turn fabric right side out. Stuff: I used 2 $2.50 pillows from Walmart, they are essentially just fiberfill, I cut open one of the seams of the first pillow and stuffed the "head" part of my pillow. The first pillow filled the top portion and down the back of the "c". I kept the remaining pillow in the case and stuffed everything into the opening....

Here is the top portion, stuffed. 
Stuffing complete. 

How easy?! This is the final project, not bad, right?!
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  1. congrats on the baby and great idea for the pillow

  2. OMG, congrats! I was just catching up on your blog and saw this. That is so exciting. Best wishes for a healthy, safe and happy pregnancy.

  3. Thanks Sarah! All is well thus far, and now I can even stay awake after 8pm!!


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