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I've got so many works in progress....I just spent a little time with my sewing machine today working on a little birthday present for my friend's son who will be celebrating a big birthday soon! I look forward to sharing all of these projects with you very soon.

The excitement in our house the last few days is that we have a two year old in the house. It's hard to believe I've been part of this parenthood gig for two years already. It's been an amazing blessing to watch a tiny little nugget turn into a fully functional little person. If only he starts talking....and using the potty!! It's always the next thing, right?!

So, I'll share with you a project from two years ago, when my lil' pumpkin was actually little! When I was further along into my pregnancy I saw this adorable knit hat in Gymboree, and I want to say they were charging over $15 for it, I just thought that was insane. SO, I decided to make my own. Although I ended up insisting on making a variety of hats, really each one just took some time and probably cost very little to actually make....And then I made another & another & another. I was a knitting fool. My husband would go to bed and I would climb in bed with him and knit into the wee hours of the morning. If you google "knit pumpkin hat pattern" you can probably find a million and one tutorials, so I won't bore you with the details.

But I will share a few pictures:

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