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Being busy is a great thing, but I'm feeling like I've been going a million miles an hour. I guess that happens when the seasons change and life is happening. I still have yet to switch my summer & winter clothes, but I feel that change's just a big project to tackle especially with the help of a toddler! Maybe tomorrow? Not really, because tomorrow is my baby's second birthday, and we're excited to welcome my brother and his wife and their brand new son!! They're taking a first "with child" road trip for an overnight. We're thrilled to see this little munchkin who is already almost 3 weeks old!!

BUT, I will share with you what I've been up to...since I've been a little MIA this week. I FINALLY hung up my silhouette pictures (I shared with you a few days ago). They're in the living room over the tv. I had my husband build me this sort of fence/art to hang up, and it's yet to be done...but here's a sneak of the pics:

(yes, we balance all remotes and phones on top of the flat screen tv to avoid toddler touching!)

Also, I've been making a few projects for friends. I made an ADORABLE (if I must say so myself) onesie for my friend, she's using it as a shower gift~I'll share that once the shower actually happens (just in case!)

I also made a little stroller quilt for my friend. Her neighbor just had a baby girl, and I love all things girly. Again, it's still not in the mail, so once the gift is given, I'll share pics.

Something I can show you is a sewing machine cover I made last week. I saw a tutorial at sew mama sew for a quilted machine cover, and I just LOVED the idea. I just wasn't sure about my fabric selection, so I went with what I had on hand: painters drop cloth (my favorite).

 Here's my trusty machine, who really needs to go in for service, but I just can't imagine not having her whenever I need her....Since I have guilt about not taking her in, I decided to make her something special...I carefully measured her: the front (from the top to bottom) the top, and the back (from the top to the bottom) and then I measured her from side to side. I added an inch to my total measurements for hems. I decided to dress it up a little and used freezer paper to create a stencil
 I used my computer to print off "sew" in a fancy script font. I printed it onto freezer paper.
 Then I carefully cut out the letters (notice the innards of the "e" and the flourish of the "w".)
 I ironed the freezer paper on, adding the center of the "e" and the "w".
...of course I NEVER LEARN and when I spray painted I did not "mind the overspray" and ended up with faint spray paint splatters where they did not belong. I tried to avoid any over spray, but I should have known better, the spray paint ended up pushing the paper up slightly. Causing the unsightly overspray....I'll just never learn! :(
 This is the freezer paper with still attacher, I just removed the center of the "e".
 And here is a great picture of the overspray....

 So, what to do when things don't go as planned, and the end of nap time is quickly approaching?! Hurry and cover over my mistake....with what else: burlap! So I applied the freezer paper stencil to the burlap...and this time a taped down my cover papers...
 Here are the two versions together.

I sewed a very scant seam along the top two edges and also hemmed the bottom and sides (which I don't have a picture of) but the picture above gives a good overview of the finished project. I did not attach ties, I'm still not sure if I'll ever tie it on, but this will at least keep the dust off when I'm neglecting my machine...
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