Nose-drags & finger prints

Lately, I've become really good at ignoring all of the nose-drags and finger prints on every surface of my house (and car.) Nose-drag? You ask. Yes, a nose-drag: a sort of drooly mess left behind by my noses of my two fur children. Sometimes they are drippy, sometimes they extend from one side of the window to another...and I've got a lot of windows. I guess over the last 7 years of dog ownership I've become accustomed to looking at these nose-drags, but now they're usually topped with a layer of finger prints. And I'd be a liar if I didn't admit I've caught my son licking the windows from time to time, which I find absolutely GROSS. That's why I try to clean the nose drags frequently. But it just seems like I can never catch up!

I only mention this dirty laundry because lately my son is completely obsessed with our sliding glass doors. He's learned how to lock/unlock and open/close the doors. So I guess as any 23 month old will do, he's been playing with them ALL THE TIME! And instead of blogging, I should probably be cleaning the windows, but fall is here. And it's cold. I even took a shower and put pajamas back on. What does that say? Do I have seasonal depression?

On a craftier note, I am still crafty. I promise. I have so many projects on my back burner that I really am going to finish one of them soon so that I can share them with you. I just don't know which one, or when I'll finish. But I promise, soon. I'll finish something soon!
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