Back from the dead...

or what seems like it. I've not have much of a creative spark lately. BUT, I have been thinking of things I NEED to do....and neglecting housework seems to be the top of my list (although I have SO MUCH to do!)

One of my biggest peeves is that my little princess, my dog, Trekkie has a little problem with SPITE. That, and she's a princess. She looks all cute & innocent, but the truth is she's really naughty. So, when she doesn't get her way, she pees, when she gets yelled at, she pees, when the weather changes, she pees....the only thing that is consistent is that it's on my carpet and to say the least I'm not happy about it. We've had her for years, we adopted her, and not long after we brought her home it started. We've had trainers come to our house. No luck. We've penned her in the bathroom. She'd still pee (at least it was on the tile.) I'm certain it's separation anxiety, but nothing I've tried training-wise has helped. (Although I hate to admit I'm considering starting her on the anti-anxiety meds the next time I bring her to the vet!) And the sad part is we have a second dog, so he ends up punished right along, locked up in the bathroom, with her. I've decided since I have just cleaned my carpets that I'm going to make her wear a diaper whenever I leave the house. (Yes, she's that bad!) Since I use cloth on my son, I'm going to try to create something that I can maybe insert a maxi-pad or diaper inside of, in hopes of catching the pee before it ruins my carpets! BUT, I did all sorts of research with no luck for a pattern for a dog diaper, so, I'm hoping to get to the drawing board and create something that will work today.

I hope my carpets appreciate this work. And I hope this darn dog will stop peeing in my house!

And that my friends, is my rant of the day. What's yours?
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