Burlap & Silhouettes...two of life's greatest things

There is just something about burlap and silhouettes that go so perfectly together. And really, burlap stinks. Literally. It smells horrible, like chemicals or something BAD (am I the only one that notices that?) but the texture. It's just unbeatable!

And silhouettes, I just love them. So simple & basic. Beautiful. I've seen a variety of ideas of silhouettes that I have just loved. So I figured why not combine some burlap with a silhouette....I think it looks pretty darn cute. Now I just need to get a frame for these and decided where to hang them.

How to make a silhouette for yourself:
  1. I created these by taking a photo (probably the hardest part!) and then using any old photo editing program, I used Picasa, adjust the contrast so you can easily see the outline you want. Then, print your image to the preferred size. I printed mine in black & white, 5 by 7" but you can figure out what size you'd like to use. 
  2. Use a black marker and trace the outline so you can see it easily. 
  3. Use a light box or bright window to trace outline again onto freezer paper (the dull size).
  4. Cut out the inside portion (the face) throw away the innards unless there are details that you'd like to include. 
  5. Iron the freezer paper onto your fabric. I used tan burlap that I had precut to be a little larger than 5x7. 
  6. Use spray paint (in the color of your choice) I would imagine paint would/could work too. 
  7. Let spray paint dry a few minutes....and remove freezer paper. Ta-Da! A perfect & adorable silhouette.  
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  1. Ummmm, how have we not discussed this on the phone??? These are AWESOME!!!!!


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