Things you really can DO yourself!

I'm finding out that more & more, when I want something it's often very possible I can make it myself! And usually, I can make it myself for a reasonable price!!

When my dear friend recently was telling me about her upcoming wedding and her need to stick to a budget I reminded her that it is completely possible to create your own wedding invites that LOOK like you really spent a ton of money. I made my own wedding invites and the invites for numerous friends. I honestly LOVE stationary and fonts, so really I enjoy creating a beautiful invitation...c'mon, who doesn't love some really fabulous mail?

It's amazing how brainstorming between two people can take a little idea (a wedding invitation) and suddenly the little idea explodes into this fantastic snowball of ooohs and aaahs and what about this or thats.

Surprise of surprises, my friend had a few days off from her job in NYC and was able to come visit me at my home (just a short flight away) and although we probably got off to a slow start (having an almost 2 year old helper didn't help) but we have the rough copy of the invitation well underway.

If you are needing to create an invitation of your own (even if it's not a wedding invitation) be sure to use the word processing program you are most comfortable with! My family is slowly switching from our *old* PC to a new iMac. Unfortunately I did not purchase Microsoft Word for the iMac, the new word processing program is fine, but there definitely is a learning for me, slowly pecking away on the old PC with Word is well worth the wait & hassle because I know how to use it!

Be sure to play with the margins and MOST IMPORTANTLY pick the perfect font. I am a chronic font downloader (I must admit I have hundreds, and possibly thousands of fonts!) If you want to try to download the most amazing fonts go to I've just come across this website and they have the most amazing fonts & even provide the chance to submit your own handwriting that they change into a font. How amazing is that?!

Don't forget it's possible to layer papers to get the right look. I was able to purchase the paper we will use at Michaels but I wasn't 100% sure it would be what my friend wanted, so I actually purchased a second option at Walmart.

Also, use the tools you have on hand. If you are a quilter/sewer use your cutting mat & rotary cutter to trim the paper. Think of things you have on hand that may have alternative uses...

And when in doubt, try to look for ideas online. Look for things you like, get ideas, and enjoy this opportunity to create!
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