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It's amazing how I was ever able to live before having my glue gun. I don't know why I didn't have one. I still have a scar on my forearm where I had a glue gun accident as a child...maybe it was from the trauma?

A glue gun just wasn't a tool in my arsenal, and now I'm so thrilled that it finally is! I decided not to splurge and purchased a very small (mini) very basic glue gun. With 100 gluesticks I don't think I spent $10. BUT, I must say it's already paid for itself in sheer crafting pleasure. 

I've made some amazing wreaths using my glue gun. 

It's amazing what a little warmed glue can do. The top book wreath was made by hot gluing pages of an old book onto a styrofoam wreath I purchased at the Dollar Tree. I varied the way I twisted and curled each page and was thrilled with the results. I will say though, I was surprised by the depth of this wreath, it easily sticks out about 10" from the wall!  

The bottom wreath was constructed by using an old pizza box that I cut into a large 4" wide circle using some plates. I simply trimmed the paper into leaf shapes and glued each leaf to the cardboard frame. So easy! 

Now that I'm back on the glue gun wagon it seems like the crafting potential is endless! 

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