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I've been obsessing about changing up the appearance of my Master Bedroom. Right now it's just furniture (that all matches) and two Ikea night stands that I've had at LEAST since 2004. I spray painted them black last summer, but it didn't really do much for them, or for the appearance of the room....

I did hang a picture in the room (again, the ONLY thing that's been hung) so the room is stark at best....with beige walls (like the rest of the house!) So I decided to play it up and just use hints of blues, whites & beiges to decorate...The window is really large and I scored these FANTASTIC $10 drapes at Target. I hung the curtain rod and it looked great....until I decided to wash them. I followed the directions and alas they ended up shrinking a few inches. I pulled out my straight pins and pinned them to the carpet, hoping it would do the trick, but NO....they are still about 2" from the floor. Of course, my dear hubby tells me they look fine, BUT IT DRIVES ME CRAZY! So I've decided I want new curtains...and I want them to be crisp, not too heavy, allow in some light....and LONG...enough to hit the floor! 

In my OCD ridiculousness I have searched at all of my local stores, even looking for fabric that will do...and I just can't bring myself to spend a lot of money for curtains in a house that I don't own....I just want it to look nice!

So, I did some Internet research and discovered these curtains I really loved (if I had the link readily available I'd share it!) and the person who posted them used FABRIC SPRAY PAINT! GENIOUS! Why didn't I know about this stuff sooner? Well of course all of my local stores are OUT...and I'd have to drive over an hour to find it in a bigger city...and they might not have the color I'm wanting...and it's not cheap....Blah! This sounds like it's turning into a b*tchfest---SORRY! Here's the good part: NORMAL, EVERY DAY SPRAY PAINT CAN BE USED ON FABRIC!!!! I'm THRILLED! I bought a few colors to try out at $2.49 a can, and I think I definitely may be onto something! 

I'm planning on attempting to make my own curtains using SPRAY PAINT :) I'll let you know how it turns out. 

In the meantime, I better get busy preparing for a friend's visit...and to finish sewing a gift for my friend's son! Yowzer! 

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