Something for my "fur" children

Back before my son was born, my "fur" children (Mason & Trekkie) were the apple of my eye. Although I would not say they could do no wrong, they definitely have to share the spotlight with my third firstborn son!

They have been amazingly good sports about their two legged sibling. I'm sure they look back to those days having a newborn in the house wishfully...since now they have an almost two year old climbing on them while they sleep. I'm sure Mason wouldn't complain one bit, since they have a mutual relationship, I climb on you, I'll eat your scraps...I'm not too fond of this arrangement. To say my fur children have been neglected...I'm sure it's just a mother's guilt...

Today, I decided I'd do something special for them: a dog bed. I've been thinking about this project for a while and decided I should just go for it. I ended up using a $10 canvas painter's drop cloth from Lowes. These drop cloths have been becoming more and more popular according to the blogs I I figured I'd join 'em. I was going to use it straight from the packaging yesterday BUT the chemical smell was so strong I ended up bleaching it in the wash...AND yesterday ended up being a VERY short nap for Callum, and there you have it...a project for TODAY.

I used one of their older falling apart dog beds (I'm so sick of brown fuzz coming off every time they breathe!) as a template. I decided to round the corners and I like the look of piping. I doubt I followed the proper rules to make the piping, but the end product seems okay...I removed the zipper from the old falling apart bed, which almost was a catastrophe when the moveable zipper part fell off...oops! BUT I was able to salvage my mistake and use the zipper. I try to measure as little as possible when I'm crafting (if my husband is around I usually leave it to him) to my surprise I sewed one strip of cording on only to be about 3" too short (gah!!) so with a little creative sewing I was able to fix the problem...

I love personalized items, so I used iron transfer to personalize the bed for Mason & Trekkie. This might just be wishful thinking that Mason will be able to find HIS bed at night and stay out of MY bed...weimaraners...

I filled this bed with the two falling apart dog beds (yes, I really do need to get rid of them, but they are in pretty pitiful shape so I wouldn't want to donate them to a shelter and I don't want them to sit in a landfill for eternity!) anyway, I used the two dog beds and folded two older blankets on top of the dog beds....zipped 'em in and wa-la. I would say from start to finish (including taking the zipper out of the old dog bed and repairing my mistake) it took 3 hours...not too bad for the results, right?!

*And as a side note, apparently I should have put my son's name on the dog bed: he hasn't stopped climbing on it, laying on it, jumping over it since I closed the zipper. At this rate, the dogs wont have a turn on it until Callum is in bed tonight!

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  1. What a great idea! I just threw out one of our cat beds today! Moving tends to put me in a "purge" things we don't need or items in bad shape mood...who knew I could have salvaged the bed!! :) I will think twice next time! Great job!!

  2. Love it! And reusing the old dog beds is a fantastic idea. Far better than sending to the landfill, I think ...


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