Gifts for Babies

I think there is nothing as wonderful as a new quilt for a new baby. Lately I've been all about PERSONALIZED items...because what's better than a new baby quilt but a new baby quilt with the baby's NAME on it! :)'s the little things in life, right?!

Well, my friend has received the it she found: 

*A name banner (I know the wooden ones are all the rage, a la Pottery Barn) but this was literally SO easy to create. Simply print off the baby's name in a large font, have your printer reverse the type--possibly Iron On Transfer style--once you have the name printed in reverse, carefully cut out the letters. I used a circle cutter to cut one circle per letter-again-so easy! If you don't have a circle cutter, simply use a round object-a plate, bowl, the edge of a cd...-to trace around. Glue the backside of the letter onto the circle. I used mini-clothes pins (my new favorite!) and attached each letter/circle to an ironed a long piece of twine, so it would lay flat. If you don't have clothes pins, you could hole punch and tie your letters on too... 

*This quilt for baby Abigail. Again, very easy, this is my FAVORITE fabric (Mona by Alexander Henry-apparently it's old and not being produced any more-HUGE BUMMER!) I'm obsessed with it. I've had it for a while and when we were shocked to have a baby girl arrive, it seemed only fitting that this little peanut have my favorite fabric. I hate to admit, I actually started this quilt a while ago and used a fusible batting and it just didn't have a very uniform look, so I ripped out EVERY stitch...and those who know me will tell you...I HATE TAKING OUT STITCHES! I will do everything in my power to work through a mistake...but I will say, I am SO HAPPY that I redid this and started over (plus it gave me the chance to sew on Abigail's name!) I used orange rickrack to give it a playful, but not too girly appearance. I'm also trying to expand my quilting abilities and TRIED to quilt this in a stippled pattern. I think I still need practice, but think it came out pretty well. What do you think?

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  1. This quilt is GORGEOUS! You are amazing, Dani!

  2. I love the colors!! Lucky Abigail :) I want to sleep with it!


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