Easy Project: Calendar Hanger

I usually always hang my calendar from a nail or thumb tack, but I found these scraps of wood in the gutter drain by my street (really!) and they reminded me of the beach. They were faded from the sun and at one time probably helped contain dirt in a silt fence for new construction (or something unexciting like that) but I just couldn't leave these outside to rot. I liked this one because it was flat...and the way the edges were slightly ragged. 

Using my husband's drill, I made three holes, two by the ends, one in the middle. I screwed in a hook (I had these for another project that I've been procrastinating about working on) I purchased the hooks at Walmart. I drilled holes in one side of a clothes pin...and then drilled into the wall using that hole...easy as pie! 

I think it's a nice look...and I hung some photos from the clothes pins (someday I think I'll hang my son's artwork, or maybe upcoming invitations or something...)

And yes, my desk looks THIS HORRIBLE....I have two computers open and on...and a million papers piled up. Obviously I need a lot more organization than this scrap of wood can provide :) 

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  1. This is such a good idea. I have a calendar of two cats with no ears in my classroom. I should do something like this.


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