Monday's Crafty Adventure

Recently my family got a new computer and maybe I'm just getting old, but the learning curve seems so much greater...SO, I spent my craft (nap) time yesterday trying to figure out the new programs. I uploaded some pictures and all in all, didn't feel too crafty at the end of the day. 

We found out we are going to be having our first house guests (in our new house) this weekend, and because I've been working on the t-shirt quilt my sewing room/guest room is a complete disaster. Luckily, my guilty pleasure is the Real Housewives (of NJ or anywhere really) and the reunion show was on last night. I watched & I cleaned my sewing/guest room and SEARCHED for my favorite pair of scissors without much luck. Hopefully they will turn up today. 

Since I didn't do any real crafting yesterday, I feel like I owe you: 

Here is a simple project from my laundry room revamp: A tool holder. I purchased the clamp/bar system at Walmart for about $5. I used a piece of board I think it was a 1x4, painted the wood my favorite grey/black, did a little sanding and applied screws. So easy, although I did need some of my husband's muscle to get the screws in all of the way. 

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