IDEA-An alternative for picture hanging

Yes, my husband's dresser REALLY did look like this (yesterday before we cleaned!) My husband set up our bedroom furniture before I had a chance to give it much say, and honestly, I was just sick of moving things on my own so it stayed the way he placed it. One thing I really struggle with is placing furniture at an angle in a room...I hate that there is lost space and everything doesn't--line up.

So knowing I had guests coming this weekend I was really wanting to have pictures hanging and to have our house look lived in and not in complete shambles...all of the sudden it dawned on me that I can hang a picture over his dresser at an angle using ROPE. After a quick trip to Lowes (my favorite store!) I used 4 bolts with round loop tops---I'm sure they have a real name-I don't know what it is, but you can imagine-and I attached twine with a noose, I was hoping my husband would come home and tie a proper knot, but when I asked he said mine weren't so bad-read:he didn't feel like it? Using a drill, I made 2 holes in the top of the frame, I figured even if this idea completely tanked, it would be hard to see the holes. I attached the two screws with the round opening in the top. I fed the twine through the round openings & tied my knots...and wa-la. 

I'd like to think this is a good alternative for picture hanging AND a good way of dealing with that lost space that happens when you have furniture placed at an angle in a corner. 

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