Tutorial: Creating a Laundry Folding Table

This project is REALLY easy! I would imagine an afternoon would be plenty of time to construct your table. Because it sits directly on top of your washer & dryer you'll need to measure and make sure what works for you and your space. 

My table is constructed out of MDF purchased from my local Lowes. It only came in large 4' by 6' sheets, making it difficult to transport myself. Luckily my hubby saved the day and his truck was able to move the piece for me no problem. I've HEARD Lowes & HD will cut the sheet to exactly the size you need, I would definitely ASK, because I would say the hardest part of the project was trimming the MDF. 

So, for directions: 

You'll need: MDF, pieces of wood trim, paint, measuring tape & saws, a few screws at least 2" to attach back splash and some small finishing nails to attach trim...

Simply measure the tops of your w+d together (add an inch for good measure, I didn't and wish I had) and then measure the tops of the w+d including the space BEHIND to the wall (I hate digging out lost socks!) add an inch...trim your MDF. Add a "back splash" mine was 4 3/4" tall and the length of the table. 

Use a drill to attach the back splash to the table top. 

Cut trim pieces as needed. I placed trim along the 3 sides of the table as well as the "back splash." Attach your trim (I used glue & nails.)

I did use caulk to smooth out the gaps along the trim & especially along the back splash...

I primed everything (one coat) and then painted (one coat) knowing I was going to do some sanding I could have done a second coat but I was so excited that I couldn't wait to bring this inside! 

I think it makes the laundry room more of a ROOM. I haven't done laundry yet, BUT, the one thing that we after the fact realized was a bummer is that we have a front loading washer, and our detergent drawer is in the upper left corner. The trim that I used has a slight overhang so now the drawer is SLIGHTLY snug to open. It's okay, and the table is easy enough to lift, but if I knew what I now know, I'd either use different trim or somehow try to design so the door could easily open. Also, I did not intend for my table to overhang as much as it does. I may have measured incorrectly, or it may have been cut incorrectly, we will never know! BUT, I love it! I hope you do too! 

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