I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Laundry Room!

So as I've previously mentioned I started reading blogs and felt completely inspired (and maybe a little envious!) So I came across this laundry room remodel, and was AMAZED. I wanted this laundry room... I wanted to live IN this laundry room!  

Being that I was so inspired I just couldn't help myself...my husband was away with work, and as the saying goes while the cat's away the mice will play. And PLAY I DID! Here is a before:

Welcome to my new and improved laundry room: 

(I've had this sign for YEARS, but it was awkward to hang, so I added a little twine...)

I added a shelf, made a wreath, hung some hooks, did lots of painting and sanding...I created a table to fold laundry. I think this might be the nicest (and most "decorated") room in my house. And I LOVE IT! Stay tuned for more pictures. 

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