So...I guess if I have a blog I should actually BLOG?

Since I last wrote, it's been a LONG LONG LONG time. No excuses. I just put it on the back burner, and turned the burner off.

Luckily, I'm still alive. I'm here. I'm ready to turn the burner back on.

In reality, I've been busy. And lately, I've been REALLY busy...and loving it!

I still do have an etsy shop, although I haven't had any sales, so it's more just something that is on the other back burner, but these days it seems like my main focus is dealing with the day to day. My family recently moved from the house we own to a house we are renting. Only a state away, but it's still far enough. And we moved not knowing anyone. My husband did know ONE person actually, but I didn't know anyone. So, hubby left the Army and started a new job, he moved first and a little while later the entire family moved. It was a very exciting time in our life...BUT once he started his job he ended up working. A LOT. So I had all of this time on my hands. Time helped me build some resentment. He made us move. I am unpacking every box. I asked him to do x, y & z. He only did x and y and I'm left unpacking boxes AND doing Z! And having a 1 year old can be interesting, but work was making it so I was feeling more like a single parent, in a new place, in a new home (filled with boxes) and without my best friend. Luckily the 1 year old is a good sport. A non-talking, occasionally whiny, picky-eater, surprisingly demanding sport. As you can see, we were not getting off on a great foot here in this new place...

So here we are, moved, mostly unpacked, and all of the sudden I bought a new computer. And we had Internet that seems a million times FASTER then our old Internet. YAY! So, somehow I came across some blog. Maybe I was looking for an idea (Lord knows I could not live without google!) who knows, but I started finding these blogs. Other women were writing them: MOMS...with young children, or older children, or just pretty pictures. And I was sucked right in, and I was reading one blog, and I just was obsessively reading these crafty, creative, amazing blogs. THEN, all of the sudden, I was a woman obsessed and I needed to craft. And now all of the sudden, I'm not resentful. I'm driven. I'm non-stop. I'm happy! I'm creative. And I'm LOVING IT! So, thanks to the other women who write their blogs for making me want to write on my blog....and for making me be crafty again!
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