Be creative every day

I've decided I'm going to make a much greater effort to be creative every day. I've found that I'm much happier when I feel like I've DONE something...and being crafty will allow me to DO something and be able to enjoy it afterwards! 

Sewing generally gives me the greatest amount of pleasure, although my new glue gun might be my favorite toy these days! I started sewing wanting to make a purse, and now I'll create a purse once in a while, but it seems like quilts and curtains and random fabric creations are my projects of choice. With a 1 year old helper always present, I enjoy a quickie, but I did just start cutting up  my husband's old t-shirts (so now his drawers will close) and I expect that project to take a little longer...I am sick of tripping over t-shirts in my sewing room, so that might be what I tackle during my son's nap...

Today, I was able to catch up with my college roommate who is planning her wedding. I've offered my creativity (and manpower) to help her create whatever she needs to make her wedding exactly what she wants it to be. Right now, we're talking a lot about her invitations. It's amazing because we're both feeding off of each other's creativity and EXCITEMENT! I'll have an idea and she'll say, I was thinking the same thing. Or she'll say something, and I'll have that excited I LOVE IT feeling! Hopefully she will not be disappointed by the final outcome. Maybe we'll get to try to use some new skills and techniques, but I love the idea that my creativity may help her to find her creativity! 

So...I ask you: have you done something creative today?

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