Refreshing my Craft Room

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm a little obsessed with fixing up my craft room. Before we moved to Oklahoma I had purchased inexpensive shelves from Target that have lived a good life with me and served their purpose, but it dawned on me that I just am not utilizing the space as nicely as I would prefer. I've pinned and pinned and have some ideas but now I need to finish emptying out this space and making some decisions. 

I had started emptying some shelves and moving fabric into bins, but you can get the idea of what a disaster this space had turned into! 

First, I am making some Disney shirts for a friend! So the craft room will just have to wait. 

Unrelated, I got glasses today. I still have 20-20 vision, but apparently the muscles in my eyes are working really hard from looking at screens. This might help with headaches and overall "eye fatigue." I'm skeptical. I think I can see better without the glasses!
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