It's been a year...

My blog absence has been entirely unintentional. Finding balance and TIME has been such a huge challenge...three children is no joke. I have excuses all day long, but I am going to attempt to keep better track of my projects in the coming year. I've done a lot of  sewing, wood working, I'm really going to try to be better about sharing in 2018.

In the meantime, I should start this post with a happy thing to share. We have a new pup!

After losing Mason last January, life just didn't feel right. I had been trained, and even with the chaos I just had such an emptiness in my heart. My husband is in the process of getting a Master's Degree and having three young children, it just seemed like we needed time without a dog.

The grief was something I just didn't expect. It was really intense, it was great to really look back and remember all of these great times. {And just like that I'm a little teary eyed--not my intention!} It was really HARD, and SAD, and I'd give anything to have him in a moment of weakness, I started looking at dogs. Lots of them. We were even approved to adopt a Weimaraner at a local rescue. But knowing the energy and work required for another large dog, I didn't know if it would be the right fit for our family (along with other reservations we were chewing on...) and then all of the sudden I started finding these little terrier puppies that were just so cute...but they were out of state and they refused to allow us to rescue without living in the state. And then I was feeling sad again after feeling so excited..

After feeling a little heartbroken again,  I checked the local human society, AGAIN, because I'd already checked there with an embarrassing frequency, and there he was: a little black fur ball.

So I got myself dressed and ready and we headed to the shelter to meet this cute little pup. It ended up that someone was already there meeting him, so we had the option to look at the other dogs at the Humane Society. We saw the other dogs, and in a visitation room, we saw the cute little black puppy (I should add my husband was at work, and had lots of reservations, and was probably thinking I was insane, BUT also knows how stubborn I am once I get an idea in my head.) The gentleman who was with the puppy waved us in, he explained that he hadn't made his mind up, so we could meet the puppy. I explained that we had lost our 12 year old dog the previous January, and that we finally felt ready to open our family to another four legged friend, with that the man basically said "I think you found your dog." And with that, we had a dog.

Not to leave it as a cliffhanger, but it's suddenly very late, so I'm going to share some pictures of our new dog tomorrow (who we actually brought home in JUNE!! I'm just really behind!)
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