Giving Up Facebook {Life}

Some years I really struggle trying to figure out something to give up for Lent. I don't really have any horrible habits, I don't smoke, barely drink, most of the time could care less about chocolate or candy, or any particular food for that matter. It might be a sacrifice to give up eating out...but I really don't even do that very often.

So, for a while I would floss for Lent. I figured what better way to integrate something I should be doing into my daily life!

This year, I decided I would floss for Lent (and already I'm breaking the rules!) and I would give up Facebook. Cold turkey.

I had seen a few posts on {fat} Tuesday where people warned they would be giving up Facebook for the next 40 days, letting people know they should call or email if they wanted to stay in touch.  After seeing a few posts of that nature, it was clear by Tuesday afternoon that I should really be giving Facebook up too.

Tuesday after dinner and putting the boys to bed, I told my husband about my plan. I think he was a little shocked. Maybe my addiction was a little clearer to him...but just not to me. {He may have actually said something about it being better for our marriage?!}

Yesterday was the first day I hadn't logged on in longer than I can remember...the last time probably was when I went to St. Lucia back in 2010, that was probably only because I didn't want to pay for international data rates.

I really needed a break from Facebook.

It's apparent when during the course of the day I think of checking something on FB, of writing to someone to ask a question, of opening my iPhone and noticing that the app is missing on my home screen. Yes, there is an emptiness, but already I am noticing that I feel a little freer. I might still have thoughts of a friend I want to contact {um, Renee, if you are reading this and you have a baby, can you please text me?} or absentmindedly check my phone just to pass the time...maybe even have a slight worry that I might miss something. But REALLY, I'm having a little clarity about what I've really been missing...what is right in front of me: my children, my husband, my dog who had his nails clipped for the first time in way too long probably because I was busy scrolling facebook instead of paying attention to his long nails... my house, my UGGS who badly needed to be cleaned and waterproofed, my kitchen counters that needed to be wiped down, my photo collection that needed to be backed up and "managed." I'm amazed about my own productiveness now that I don't have such a big distraction in my life.

I know I'll be back, but hopefully these next 38 days will help me re balance and reorganize my priorities.

I'm off to clean my kitchen, but if you need me, leave a comment, send an email (daniellebartran at or give me a call, I've got time to chat!

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