Christmas Postcard 2013

As usual in blogland, I am a day late + a dollar short...but I think these are pretty cool, and worth sharing. 

For the last few years I have sent out a postcard as a Christmas "card." 

I think I ultimately made the change a few years ago because my Christmas list was pretty long (100 cards) and with postage it added up. I didn't want to not send cards at all, because there are a lot of people who I think of often but never pick up the phone to I like that we have at least ONE communication during the course of the year.

My main issue with a postcard is that the information is out there...rather than struggle trying to squeeze in a brief yet vague holiday message about what's been happening, this year I decided to create an infographic with random information about our family. {please ignore the portions I've masked...if you really want to know anything about me, feel free to ask...}

Pretty cool, right? 

And, they cost under $20 with shipping for 100 post cards! Awesome, right? Plus postcards mail at a lower rate, which is about to go up, but for a roll of 100 cost only $33, so $53 for 100 Christmas Cards + Postage. Practically a Christmas miracle! 

I'm also fairly excited about our family picture...we took it ourselves with a tripod and a camera remote. Our dog always looks terrible in pictures, in this, he actually looks normal. Not bad for a DIY...although we probably took a hundred (or more) terrible year, I'm going to have family pictures taken. (I say that every year!)

Hope everyone had a lovely's to great things in 2014!

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