A Nautical Wedding Gift for a Friend {Quilt}

Right around Thanksgiving, one of my college roommates called inquiring if I might be able to whip together a quilt as a wedding gift for her younger brother. Always up for a challenge, I decided to take it on...because the lead up to Christmas isn't crazy enough. Thankfully, this beauty came together pretty quickly and enabled me to mail this off in time for the wedding {a few days after Christmas!}

Part of the process of making someone else a quilt is figuring out what design to actually use. I know what I like, and have a Pinterest Page to prove it, but just because it's something I like, doesn't mean that everyone is going to like {or love} it...

My friend mentioned that she would like to have a nautical theme because her brother is in the Coast Guard and grew up enjoying the ocean. She also mentioned that lobsters mate for life. I had no idea...so we used that as our starting point, and I began searching for nautical fabrics to work with. I also sent her a bunch of options for quilt tops that I liked and thought she might like as a wedding quilt/gift.

I used a variety of nautical fabrics available right now, and then a few non-nautical but somewhat preppy/beachy fabrics mixed with red {the color of love...}

The quilt-top pattern is called Metro Rings {from Sew Kind of Wonderful} it is an awesome pattern that requires a special Quick Curve Ruler that makes the quilt go together seamlessly. Having never made a double wedding ring quilt before, I was a little surprised about the amount of fabric that is wasted + cut away...but I think the final result makes it well worth it. Oh, I should add, that I actually did the inverse of what the quilt says...the pattern calls for the rings to be a variety of patterned fabrics and the insides to be a solid fabric. Because of the time constraint, I decided to do the inverse, and I think the result is lovely.

I love the way the back of a quilt looks when it's finished:

To quilt this project I really had NO idea where to start. I knew I didn't have all the time in the world to make a decision. I actually tried a few things and decided to rip them out and start over. I ended up loving what I ultimately ended up with:

I actually saw this image on Pinterest and loved the swirly design: 

Inside each of the swirls I created a wave.

And inside each of the smaller sections I created what I was envisioning as a string of clam shells.

The final piece was a special note {okay label} that I didn't want to seem lost in a sea of blue...so a made a little mini quilt of 1" squares around the edge:

The scariest part about any quilt project is if the recipient will like it...I was so happy to hear that it exceeded their expectations. Hopefully it will be cherished and loved for years to come. 

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