New House Tour

So we closed on our house exactly three months ago. It feels like we've been here forever we're home.

In the past, I was reluctant to hang pictures, or really decorate. But having moved 5 times in the last 7 years I have realized waiting isn't always the right I guess I dove right in?!

I have a fairly substantial list of things I want to do...these pictures were taken immediately after I cleaned (if you look closely my vacuum + cleaning supplies appear in many of the pictures...) It's hard to believe how quickly things get messy + undone with my little helpers.

{as I mentioned before, I have a lot of items on the to do list...}

To finalize the house tour, I have never taken an exterior picture of the front of our house since it was finished. {Our realtor had asked us for a picture and the only one I have is from the first day we saw the house...with no doors, garage doors, etc.} The house also has an unfinished attic (stairs are behind the kitchen table) that we hope to finish one day (if we are here long enough!) There is also a three car garage, complete with storm shelter. And a back yard...

We feel so blessed to feel like we are at home again. Moving stinks. Every. single. time! But my rule is that I don't take out my sewing machine until every box is unpacked...and I feel like I've already sewn quite a bit, so for whatever reason this move feels over. {I do need to tackle organizing the attic, but it's always way too hot to work up as soon as the weather cools down!}

Our firstborn starts school next week. {I don't know if I will ever get used to school starting before Labor Day.}
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