Burlap Curtains {DIY}

I am in the process of reorganizing every aspect of our life {that's what it feels like anyway}...It is hard to believe how you can be perfectly organized in one house, and in another house that same organization doesn't work!! {Can I get an amen?} 

In the meantime, I'm trying to put the finishing touches on our house. While I already have a pretty extensive collection of curtains, this house has very high ceilings and large windows...requiring curtain panels to measure at least 105"!! (cha-ching!) None of my old curtains work...and the new curtains I purchased at IKEA are too short! Yes, IKEA curtains are TOO SHORT! 

So I decided to use burlap for the master bedroom curtains. I purchased 7 1/2 yards...and then tried to get the stink out. 

This is what it took to get the stink out: 

I started by taking the burlap outside and shaking it vigorously. I brought it inside and put it in the bathtub with some warm water. I put it in the washing machine (I was worried because our machine is new!) with a small amount of dawn dish washing detergent---original blue--only about 1 tsp. The washing machine was totally fine, but did have some burlap fibers inside and I did clean out the trap as instructed. THEN, I put the burlap outside and let it sit outside for about 2 days. That's what it took to make the smell go away. Eeek. 

It was worth it!! 

  1. To make the panels, I cut the 7 1/2 yards of fabric in half into two loooong pieces. (3 1/4 yards each.)
  2. I carefully ironed each panel. 
  3. Starting with the long sides, I ironed over a 1/2 inch hem, twice (so the raw edge is tucked in and hidden.)
  4. I did not pin. I did not worry if the sides were perfectly straight. I was going for straight-ish. I did use a handy ruler to make sure I was close to 1/2" when I ironed. Once both sides were ironed, I sewed the long sides down with my sewing machine. 
  5. I then hemmed the top portion of the curtain panel. I ironed down the top, twice...the same as the sides. Sew across the top. 
  6. I hung the curtain panel from curtain clips (at this point only three sides were finished) I did pin across the bottoms of the panels to make sure I had the correct length. I had enough fabric to have approximately 5 inches at the bottom. I ironed down the bottom section and then tucked under the raw edge...then I sewed across the bottom. 
This took about an hour or two, once the fabric was cleaned and not stinky. I did notice some shedding on the blinds, not a huge deal, but might not be ideal if you hate lint or dusting or cleaning...

I had my husband help me hang the curtain rod before I made the curtain panels (so I knew what length I needed.) I had no idea that there are actual rules to hanging curtains. I used the instructions, and watched the video from Pottery Barn and oddly enough using the instructions every screw ended up in a stud! 

Here is the room before the curtains: 

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