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HEYA! So I have been back on my "try to do something creative every day" kick, and it's been so nice. I feel so much happier with life when I am able to be creative. Even if it's a small project...seriously, today I used some fancy knobs I purchased at Hobby Lobby to screw into the back of the bathroom door as hooks. It. felt. so. good! I'm back! 

In other news: 

I decided to put the white slipcover back on my sofa just to brighten up the room. Putting the slipcover on is a total pain in the butt, plus it looks like it needs to be ironed...and it looks like my dog needs to get his butt off my couch. He is disgusting. In under a week, the smudges, dirt, dog hair (on an almost bald dog) and drool are just unbelievable. I plan on washing the slipcovers again THIS WEEK. Womp wah! 

In the meantime, I'm going for the fancy quilt covered sofa look. Because I'm lazy like that. 

And that box of trash by the island has been there since we moved in. I need to get rid of that g.d. box! 

Last week I figured out how to make a roman shade...that works...I think it looks pretty decent, but I'm thinking I am going to add some trim to dress it up a little.

Not bad for about $10, right?!

 My family became "members" at the local zoo. I'm sort of amazed by the animals and entirely grossed out by them. I think this elephant may have some psychological issues, because he just sways back + forth. But it was super hot the last time we went, he was spraying himself with water (notice the splashes to the right of his head?) It was cool.

My little guy is only partially entertained by the animals. Here he was more amazed about bumping hat bills with his Daddy...how cute!?

And let me tell you, I am completely grossed out by rhinos. They want to be cool, but then they have all this bodily function happening around them, and I just can't get past it.

I have more to share, but for now that will do. I found a new grocery store tonight that had awesome sushi and amazing pre-made food, PLUS cannolis.  I love this place.
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