For Tess {Baby Gifts}

One of my longtime college friends/former roommates, gave birth last month right before our household goods were packed up. I was hoping to sew something special, but my machine was in storage. My general rule for packing/unpacking, is that I cannot sew until we are completely unpacked. This move everything seemed to come together fairly quickly. I'm happy to report that I have three, yes: three, sewing machines set up!

So, for baby Tess, I whipped up a few special things: 

{Personalized, of course!!}

Two personalized burp cloths--representing both parents (London/NY)

A store bought bib, that I personalized:

But I bib just wasn't enough, so I also used iron on transfer on two shirts:

I rolled everything up, the purple underneath is the stroller blanket wrapped in tissue paper:

Of course a little hand stamped tag topped it off:

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