Happy Easter + Some NEWS!!!

Aah...so a few days late. Happy Easter! 

Easter really snuck up on me...I ended up visiting my parents for an impromptu "spring break" and halfway through our visit found out that the contingency on our home was removed. CRAZY! I guess this move really is happening. Once we received word on that the contingency was removed, I booked a flight immediately and flew out to Oklahoma the next day. {Maybe me + the Pioneer Woman will be besties some day!} After some serious house searching, we decided on a neighborhood (of course the first one we drove through) and thanks to my hubby's boss (who lives in the neighborhood) did some snooping in the new construction. I hate to say I fell in love with a house, but I seriously fell in love...once I saw it, I knew. I GOT TO PICK A HOUSE! {My husband has picked our last two places...}We had a pretty sure feeling we'd found "the one" but wanted to make sure we had eliminated all other options, and then just like that it was time for me to head back east. After making it back to my parents, I had an unexpected, last-minute visit with my Aunt, Uncle, + cousins, and then drove back home yesterday. After a few small curve balls, we ended up writing an offer, and found out late last night that it was accepted! We have a new home picked out!! I feel like I've been riding the craziest roller coaster...and can't help but think about all of the boxes I'm going to have to unpack. Ugh. I dread dealing with boxes. It's a very exciting adventure. It was great to be child-less, even if it was just for a few days. It's hard to believe how much time of my life I spend buckling + unbuckling car seats. 

Now that it's back to reality, I've spent almost 2 hours on the phone the bank, scheduled movers + packers, and tried to figure out the details of the new mortgage. Bah. I hope I never have to do this again!

Hope you're having a magnificent spring. I have some projects to share...soon! 

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