kids...{and life}

Life has been funny lately. We anticipated a move, and BAM, we're moving halfway across the country. {In the opposite direction from what we'd hoped!}

While there is all this change on the horizon, we are attempting to keep life as normal as possible. School. Appointments.  Phone conversations. Eeek. 

We ended up receiving a contingent offer on our home after it had been on the market for only two weeks, but now we're {read: I'm} semi-freaking out that we might not ever actually be able to LEAVE until the  house sells. Eeek. Our fingers are crossed. I'm trying to remain positive, but the thought of waiting is so unappealing. I believe in the God Rule: some things are out of your control, and life will happen as it is supposed that completely naive? 

On the other hand, I feel extremely lucky to continue to attend school with my kids and to just enjoy life...but the anticipation of this new unknown life is so exciting + scary. 

So as life goes on, I'm just trying to enjoy waking up next to plastic toys...a warm, snuggly pup...and "pappy" kisses from this's hard to be angry being woken up this way:

I also have to share my favorite artwork:

I think I love it so much because my son finally wrote his name without the help of his teacher...and he got it almost right...but I think crossed the LL's to make an "A" and now I can't stop laughing...
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