Granny Square Baby Afghan {Crochet}

In an attempt to share all of the projects I've worked on recently, I'm happy to share the results of my learn to crochet push: 

I wish I had a better picture, but you get the idea...sometimes an iPhone is all you've got...

Over the Holidays I decided to teach myself to crochet. I used the {amazing!} Crochet School tutorials at Crafty Minx to learn.

But I had a little extra motivation...My sister in law's mom had given me two bags of a partially crocheted afghan that my sister in law's grandmother had started to make for my sister in law when she was born {think early 1980s!!!} at my sister in law's baby shower....over two years ago. Eeek. This project has been in the works for decades. Alas, my sister in law has had TWO babies since...both BOYS! I didn't have the extra motivation of a baby girl to finish this afghan, now that it's finished I hope I didn't just jinx the possibility of a baby girl for her family! 

In anticipation of the big move, I decided to tackle this project...asap. So I took the steps to teach myself to crochet....and eventually, I felt confident to take the two bags out of the closet and assess the situation. I hadn't looked in the bags in two years. To my surprise, I found a partially assembled granny square afghan, AND a dozen or so extra blocks that had already been made!!! I was shocked to see I didn't actually need to do ANY crocheting, I just needed to join the blocks. Doh. 

After a quick google search, I figured out the way to join the squares. Easy, peasy. 

After weaving in the ends, in all, I'd say it only took a few hours...and I never even needed to crochet one stitch! Ha! 

I plan on taking the last two blocks that I didn't use, to make a Christmas ornament for the boys...we'll see how long it takes me to pull that together! 
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