Car Seat Child Information {Printable}

I've been meaning to create a printable information card to place on my children's car seats for...oh, the last 4 years. Today I finally decided to go ahead and make it happen. {This is really easy, and definitely a worst-case-scenario, hopefully it's never needed type deal...}

I decided to keep it simple...with basic information about my children in case we are in a car accident where {God forbid} they may end up seperated from us or in another brother is a doctor has I recall him mentioning having a mother being sent to a different hospital than her children accidentally. {Horrible!!}

This should help avoid anyone from being forced into detective mode...

To personalize this for your children: 
1. Click on the above image
2. Download this document from Google Drive
3. Update the information for each child/car seat. Delete the unused/extra "cards." 
4. Print on (bright) paper or cardstock 
5. Use the dashed lines along the edges to trim the page (each card is business card sized) *You can also print onto Avery 5371 Business Cards, but it is not necessary if you don't have them on hand!
6. Affix to the carseat using packing tape {I have a laminator, so I will probably laminate + tape.}
7. Be sure to change the information if you move or update phone numbers, etc. 

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