More Baby Gifts {stroller blanket & burp clothes}

This past weekend, my family visited my brother and sister in law, so I finally had a chance to give baby Will a gift...

See, part of the issue of my gift giving is that my sister in law & I have perfectly spaced our 4 boys so we can share clothing without overlap....and to say the least, we are blessed with blessed with hand me downs that I could probably have enough clothes for quads for a week! It's usually difficult to clothes the drawers because there are so many items! {Thanks Nicole!}

So, thankfully our boys need nothing...but when you see a new, sweet little baby face, it's impossible for your heart NOT to melt. I had to make baby will something special. 

I decided on a stroller blanket: black minkee on one side, and this amazing Michael Miller Where's My Stache? fabric. {For some reason, it was hard to track down, but I managed to have extra if you are looking for a personalized baby boy gift...}

I embroidered on the name in a bright blue fabric:

And made a few burp cloths to match:

*And just for full disclosure, I made three burp cloths, but only took pictures of two, because I'm officially an idiot....I monogrammed Will's initials, but realized a few days later that I had embroidered his big brother's middle name----oops!! Thankfully my SIL is pretty understanding, I gave it to her anyway... I mean it is to wipe up spit after all.

 I wrapped up all the goodies in some colorful tissue paper...and a hand stamped pennant tag, tied with twine. Sweet!

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