Hurricane Sandy

Mother Nature seems to have a bone to pick. 

Last summer, I was lucky enough to visit the New Jersey shore at Long Beach Island. 

My boys had the most amazing day playing in the sand & surf. 

Those houses in the distance probably don't look so nice today. And I'm sure the beach is much shorter...

And I doubt the sand is still there...and the water is calm:

It's sad.

Thankfully, my friends' parents house seems to be okay: possible water damage, but it's still standing. Minor damage I suppose comparitively. They'll be displaced for a while longer...

My parents are suffering from their 3rd extended power outage in 14 months. Many of my friends in PA, NY, and CT are without power. My cousin's home in Hoboken, NJ was flooded and will need some renovating in the 1st floor. We can only hope things improve quickly...that winter is mild...that mother nature gives us a break.

Here in WV, it's been snowing for days now.

Here's a picture from yesterday:
 Somehow this guy got me to agree to go outside {my husband was out of town on business until a few minutes ago!}

I managed to break out the electric parent's gave it to me when I lived in Colorado and my husband was deployed. I'm not sure why, but the electric shovel makes me laugh...I'll never forget the first time I used it and it was shooting the snow so far, it was smashing into the house across the street (they were on vacation!)

So, I'm ready to see Sandy go. I'm still hearing news about the damage of people I know.

In my kitchen I have a sign that reads "the most important things in life aren't things." I keep trying to remind myself of that...
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