Housewarming Gift {DIY}

Good friends of ours recently purchased a new home. They have an established home, and probably don't need much, so I decided to go for a simple gift filled with little items they might find handy. 

To begin, I personalized a store bought doormat. I had never done this before, so I did not invest in an expensive doormat...I figure I can always make another one when this one looks bad. I used Silhouette vinyl and spray paint, it really did not create the crisp lines I was looking for. Next time I might either use a freezer paper stencil OR possibly spray adhesive with a cardboard stencil...the vinyl didn't really adhere well to the & learn! 

here is the vinyl over the rug prior to spray painting...
I also puchased a glass jar from Walmart (our options are limited where we live!) and used my Silhouette machine and the clear/frosted vinyl to create an etched look. 

I couldn't decide on what I wanted the jar to say, so on one side it says "S&S" (their last names) 

The other side says "tammy & nate" (because I couldn't decide)

Inside the container I jammed in a bunch of goodies:
-rubber gloves
-Mrs. Myers hand soap
-two oven mitts
-picture hangers
-adhesive felt pads for the legs of chairs (see below)
-some coasters (sale rack from Walmart) with vinyl initials

I also used this tutorial to create my own envelope to hold some felt circles (chair protectors?) It was very easy. I used paper I had printed on my computer, but purchased from the Jones Design Shop.
Here is what I jammed into that cute little envelope:
Although some aspects of this project (the doormat) did not come out exactly as I had envisioned, it was still a very easy gift to pull together! 

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