Photo Wall Fun...{part 2}

 I've always been a fan of a nice photo wall or photo collage. {View here to see my photo wall from my previous house.}

I love displaying pictures around my house...although sometimes I probably should change out old pictures and replace with newer pictures, I always tend to just add more.

It all started with a grouping of frames, most were purchased at IKEA. I haven't been able to get a good picture of the pictures hanging on the wall because it's opposite a huge window and even on an overcast day there is glare...{oh well, you get the gist!}

Here is a picture from a few weeks ago:
To hang these pictures I used a fun technique that I discovered on Pinterest. I used a clothespin, drilled a tiny hole through the "closed" end and nailed in a tiny nail with a flat head. Simply hang the picture from the side with the flat head, and use the top portion to hold up the picture. Once you have the picture where you'd like it, simply press against the top of the frame. You'll leave a small indent where you can hammer in a nail. This is any photo-hanging eyeballer's dream!! 
It's difficult to see in this picture, the nail is across the bottom. 

Here is my most recent photo with an addition to the photo wall...
I used the painting technique of Jaime from That's My Letter, who again I found through Pinterest. I love her blog and think she is amazingly talented! 
Here is the same sign hanging on the wall:
And here is a picture of my boys playing, because it's just cute:

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