Apple Juice vs Curious George!

Apple juice? Curious George? How do these two things go together you ask? As I may have mentioned before, my oldest son has a {severe} speech delay and is just recently beginning to say things that I'm able to make sense of {thank goodness!} For some reason he refers to Curious George as "apple juice"...I'll take what I can get?! And there is a little bit of an obsession happening here. George is a popular guy, what can I say?! My mother had mentioned buying some Curious George toys, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything else when we are over flowing with toys...especially when it seems like the object of interest is often short lived.

For the first time in a REALLY long time, I decided to sew something that was going to stay in our George: 
I used supplies that I already had on hand. It took maybe 1 hour of cutting/prepping and 2 hours of sewing. Not too bad! I used the free Molly Monkey pattern from mmmcrafts, but I just attempted a more masculine monkey...

He is still naked, just like Curious George, but getting into much less trouble!

 And shockingly, George is already potty trained!

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